Parallel shaft gear motors - KT50 serie

Gearbox KT50: High endurance gearbox for heavy duty continuous workload in any position, at room temperature from -15 to 50°C, with torque load up to 5 Nm, steady load.
   ■ Box: Made of die-cast Zamak with a tubular aluminium cover and aluminion frontal fixation flange.
   ■ Gear set: Hobbed spur gear set with steel pinions and gear wheels, with case superficial heat anti-friction treatment.
                      The intermediate gears turn on rectified hardened steel shafts, which are fixed to the box.
   ■ Output shaft: Ø8 mm steel shaft, 20 mm usable leng

Gear motors: AC, DC brush and Brushless combinations up to 85W
Markets: Agriculture, Energy, Industry

9 products found
9 products found