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  • HEDS5540
  • HEDS5540
  • HEDS5540
  • HEDS5540
  • HEDS5540


Gear motor encoder

1572 WARNING: This product is administered mounted on the gear motor. If you are not prompted with a gear motor, note that does not include the coupling parts engine.


Incremental optical encoder for speed and position control.
    • 500ppr
    • Chanels: A,B, Index
    • Voltage: 5Vdc
Kelvin is a Spanish company which specialises in the manufacture of gearboxes since 1927. It has a wide range of models from which to choose to be able to adapt to all needs. Kelvin produces the biggest range of gearmotors in DC, BLDC and AC combinated with spur gearboxes from 0.5Nm up to 25Nm. Gear systems, geared drive units, specific parts: all our production is made in our Madrid factory, in Europe, in accordance with ISO standard 9001.

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  • Standar range: Average leadtime is 6 weeks from order placement to shippng
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