Automation of air inlets for ventilation on farms

Automation of air inlets for ventilation on farms

06/09, 2017

Modern farms require permanent ventilation and safety control. The air intakes and the automated emergency windows with electric motors of the KELVIN range allow to have safe animal facilities, for the animals and the people.

Automatic air inlets: Motorized forced ventilation windows whose opening / closing cycle depends on the flow rate extracted by the fans. KT50/GR53 motors in 12/24Vdc allow effective, simple and safe control. With the KT80/BG44x50SI of the brushless range, you will have integrated speed control, change of direction, stop with torque or free axis and protection against the elements.

Emergency systems: They allow the automatic opening of the air intakes in case of emergency and the closing once the normal conditions have been restored. The motor normally acts in combination with a counterweight.

Automatic curtains: In order to control large curtains,  K90/K200 AC motors of single-phase or three-phase offer a wide range of speeds, two-way rotation and a torque up to 25Nm.

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