Motor with brake


23/03, 2018

KELVIN presents its new range of AC three-phase motors and gearmotors with built-in brake, with 48h express delivery versions.

Based on the renowned K90 model, we now propose a version with coupled electromagnetic brake that operates when no current is applied. No auxiliary power is required, or additional elements.

K200 / K90 + Brake

Complete range with high-strength K200 reducer up to 25Nm. Up to 11 versions with speed ranges from 5rpm to 251rpm and torque between 6.5Nm and 25Nm.


  • Cutting devices, milling machines, CNC
  • EDM system
  • Packaging: Palletizers, strapping machines, balers
  • Graphic arts
  • Conveyor belts

K90 + Brake

Version without gearbox for applications where a high speed is required but with the option to have a safety brake. Round output shaft of 10mm diameter for coupling to rollers, pulleys, etc.

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