Solutions for AC synchronous motors

New range of AC synchronous gearmotors. Compact with double direction of rotation.

21/11, 2017

New range of AC  synchronous gearmotors 230Vac with gearbox. Composed by the combination of 4 motors, 4 gearboxes and up to 60 different versions up to 8Nm.


 Single-phase high-quality German technology with 4 different power options: 3.1W, 5.3W, 12.1W and 25W. New opportunities for your applications thanks to low power motors with rotation in both directions.

The advantages

Double direction of rotation: We introduce our first range of synchronous gearmotors with the possibility to rotate in both directions of rotation thanks to the capacitor incorporated as standard in your orders.

Compact range: High performance versions with very compact dimensions. Combination from just 68mm long and gearbox just 28,5mm wide with square universal flange and 8mm output shaft with plane to adapt to all kinds of applications.

Versatile: 4 different gearbox options available, to offer the widest range of flange options, speed and torque.

Applications: More than 60 versions available to fit in any application such as: dosing pumps, stoves of pellets, labelling, actuators, valves, printing systems, conveyors, ...

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