Rotisserie Ovens

10/10, 2017

Kelvin offers the widest range of products for the hospitality industry. Kelvin is a leader in the manufacture of chicken rotisserie gearmotors, Döner Kebab machines and pizza ovens.

The hospitality industry requires products of high quality and performance that allow the intensive use of machinery. Kelvin, a leading manufacturer of geared motors for this sector, offers its range of AC and brushless motors with a straight pinion reducer up to 8Nm.

Rotisserie Ovens: The range of G-motors in 230Vac-50Hz coupled with the K80 gearboxes, are the compact and perfect solution for the movement of the spits, whether in single, planetary or multirotary. With up to 8Nm and 5rpm it is the ideal product due to its robustness and easy mechanical adaptation.

Döner Kebab Grill: Döner Kebab machines require constant movement and compact motor to move the blade. The K55 / G.640 for its axial load of 400N and radial load of 250N allows to obtain the maximum yield.

Pizza ovens: The BG32x30KI / KF65 range is made up of a high-quality brushless motor with a life-span that allows speed and direction control. Coupled with the flat design KF65 reducer and up to 6.5 Nm output torque is the perfect solution for automatic loading / unloading by conveyor belt.

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