Cover protector for K50

Protective cover for geared motors K50

13/06, 2017

Discover our solutions for agricultural (feeder) and industrial applications (meat processing) splashing dust, liquid or organic residues. With the protective cover of the K50 range of geared motors, you can extend the life of your machines.

The duration of the machines depends largely on how the components are protected. The cost of industrial machines is large enough to limit wear and damage due to special conditions of use.

Kelvin has developed a protective cover for its range of K50 geared motors that protect against dust, splash water and even electrical contact.

The cover, available as an option, is made of plastic and consists of an assembly kit including flange, screws and washers. This cover is compatible with all models in the K50 range of geared motors.

This solution is ideal for the livestock and food industry.

Agriculture and Livestock :

  • Feeders: protection against splashing of food,
  • Grain distributors: protection against the projection of seeds.

Industry :

  • Machines for food packaging: protection against hides and skins,
  • Meat processing machinery: protection against meat waste,
  • Bakery: protection against flour dust,
  • Machines for coffee: protection against coffee powder.

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