Gear motors for packaging machinery

Gear motors for packaging machinery

22/06, 2017

Discover our range of geared motors for packaging, dynamic weighing and labelling, with brushless and brush DC motors and high mechanical resistance gear units. Thanks to our 3 versions of square or tubular flange reducer with up to 10 reduction ratios and 8Nm output torque, with control options, we're offering compact and adaptable solutions to the different processes : cutting of materials, bottling, packaging, labeling, strapping, printing, etc.

Dynamic Weighing: Brushless motor with tubular reducer and integrated speed control for the conveyor belt, allowing precise control by 0-10Vdc control signal, start/stop, two programmable fixed speeds and stop with torque holding. Ideal for meat and food packaging.

Labelling: DC motors with easy-coupled square flange reducer, compact design and electronic control with possibility of change of direction, running / stop, speed and current limits and end of stroke. High-speed gearmotor combinations up to 2,144rpm for high dynamic range applications.

Packaging: Long life brushless motors for continuous and repetitive processes. Up to 65W in diameter 42mm motor and up to 6.5Nm output torque. Develop your production line flexibly, with a wide variety of sizes, powers and control options to improve productivity.

The products of the Kelvin range are made up of high-quality German motors in both brush and brushless DC technology, coupled with spur gearheads of high-strength carved pinions gear units. Motors with CE, UL and assembly line with ISO 9001 to comply with health regulations and safety directives.

Benefit from the possibility to provide a competitive advantage to your fabrications and processes. We can provide a fast delivery service in 48 hours for the rapid development of prototypes and preseries.

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