Feeding hoppers

Animal feeding systems

03/08, 2017

Farming facilities increasingly require greater efficiency to improve the quality of their products as well as animal welfare. Kelvin products allow the adaptation of the facilities to the needs of each type of farms, thus increasing production capacity, reducing heavy labor, improving sanitary control and reducing costs.

Kelvin offers high efficiency technologies, which allow its installation to have a value chain that allows its products to improve competitiveness, quality and sustainable livestock.

Calf feeders: With the range of K80 / G640 and K55 / G640 AC geared motors for calf feeders systems for cattle, they can feed lambs, pigs, calves and foals to reduce livestock health problems and increase productivity.

Feeding hoppers: The KT80 / GR63x25 gearbox range up to 8Nm fits perfectly into the feed hoppers that allow transport and control of the feed quantity by means of automated chain or spiral systems, allowing adequate control of the needs of each animal . At the same time K30/1.13.021 it’s perfect for systems of mixtures of feed, straw, fodder, concentrate or salts that through programmed systems allow a precise control of the farm and its needs, allowing a better control and flexibility of its facilities.

Milking systems: Increase your production and reduce costs with the KT80 / BG44x50SI brushless motor range for automated milking points. Systems that allow a maximum hygiene of the animal and a controlled milking, through the guided and positioned automated to reach the nipple, to clean it and to milk the animal. Control of milking level of each udder and stress reduction of the animal.

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