KS Gearbox: The compact solution for high torque


With only 48, 52 or 57 mm length, you can ob­tain 40, 60 and 100Nm torque, with an efficiency of 90 %.

The KS gearboxes can be customized to fit perfectly in your application.

The input shaft can be adapted to your motor or gearmotor or we can fix the motor or gear­motor directly to the gear of the KS.

We can propose you several output shaft (front or rear shaft) with:
-Different dimensions, diameter and geo­metry to obtain more radial or axial force.
-Different materials or endurance, as stainless steel, or thermally treated shafts.
We can fix pulleys or additional gears, also double shafts, to adapt clutches or encoders in the rear part of the gearbox.

The KS is perfect to transform a rotational movement into a linear system. We can use: trapezoidal screws, captive or not captive to move your system. We can use trapezoidal spindles as well.
From a parallel shaft gearbox, you can easily obtain a perfect linear actuator.

We can offer you solutions IP65 or with low temperature grease if your application runs in extreme conditions as humidity environment.
We can customize gear and gear ratio to fit perfectly the nominal working point of your application. We can use helical gears for noise restrictive environments.
Special cablings, or connectors can be as­sembled to the motor.

We can add special fixation points. We can offer you a custom solution for a special hou­sing request. You need more power? We can give you solutions such as the assembling of 2 KS in parallel. If you need to customize your gearbox, we can work with you for a perfect adaptation to your application.

In order to save time adapting the KS to your application, we have created 8 fixation points, with a standard hollow shaft with key way DIN 6885: the KS system is ready to be assembled in your system.

All our standard products come with a uni­versal plate, allowing you to fix the input mo­tor directly to the gearbox, in a very easy way. This plate is conceived for standard market motors, in a diameter 42 mm, with fixation points at diameter 36 mm (standard holes M4), up to motors diameter 80 mm with fixa­tion points at diameter 56 mm (with standard holes M5). Easy and fast to mount!

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You will find motors at 12V, 24V and 230V/50Hz, in all the technologies: DC brush, brushless motor and AC asynchro­nous. From 20W up to 500W, from 2 rpm up to 660 rpm, from 7Nm up to 100 Nm, with or without electronics integrated, you can find a solution to be completely mounted in your application, reducing your time of integration and engineering.
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