Solutions for Agriculture

We have developed a range of very robust and high quality gearmotors that guarantee full reliability, notably thanks to the small dimensions and power concentration. Our range is meant to be used in applications such as ventilation control in farms, feeding systems for animals, electrical seeder systems or grain distributors.

Our offer for these applications can include the following characteristics:

DC Brush or Brushless motors from 20 to 300W to be powered by batteries in 12/24Vdc, flat gearboxes for space restrictions, output torque between 3 to 100Nm, extreme temperatures ( -40ºC to 60 ºC), polluted environments, IP65.

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 K55 / G.620 -  Shipment in 48h

K55 / G.620

From 72.00 EUR
 K55 / G.630 -  Shipment in 48h

K55 / G.630

From 77.00 EUR
 K55 / G.640 -  Shipment in 48h

K55 / G.640

From 79.00 EUR
 KS-08 -  Shipment in 48h


From 85.00 EUR
 K55 / G30.1 -  Shipment in 48h

K55 / G30.1

From 102.50 EUR
 KS-12 -  Shipment in 48h


From 121.00 EUR
 KT50 / CPB -  Shipment in 48h

KT50 / CPB

From 137.00 EUR
 KF65 / ASM16 -  Shipment in 48h

KF65 / ASM16

From 147.00 EUR
 KF65 / ASM24 -  Shipment in 48h

KF65 / ASM24

From 153.00 EUR
 KT50 / ASM84 -  Shipment in 48h

KT50 / ASM84

From 188.00 EUR
54 products found