• KGS38 / G30.1
  • KGS38 / G30.1
  • KGS38 / G30.1
  • KGS38 / G30.1
  • KGS38 / G30.1
  • KGS38 / G30.1

KGS38 / G30.1 (6W)

DC gear motor


KGS38 / G30.1 PLANO2D

Ideal for Robotics, Laboratory equipments, change of format in small packaging machines, as well as for any application where space is reduced.

Main characteristics of the KGS38 - G30.1 by KELVIN
• Great power integration, with a 6W motor in 12-24V within 30 mm diameter
• Mechanical switching through the multi-bar switch for a long lifespan.
• Double sense of rotation, and nominal speed of 3500 RPM.
• Output connectors for easy integration with the wiring
• Diameter reducer of 38mm, with 4 fixing points
• Metal gears and plastic cover to optimize the torque without compromising lightness.
• 8 reduction ratios to obtain the best operating point.
• Stainless steel with 6mm shaft, with a sintered bronze bearing of diameter 12mm to support axial and radial forces.
• Nominal maximum flow rate between 0,3 and 0,75 Nm. Maximum intermittent torque between 0,6 and 1,5 Nm
• High precision, with an average backlash of 1.2º (reducer without load)

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