DC gear motors

Gearbox reducers allow for speed reduction and to increase the torque output proportionally to its reduction ratio and in line with the mechanical efficiency. The combination of a motor with a gearbox reducer allows you to select a combination to work with at the suitable work point. Also, it does not lose any of the functionalities offered by a motor alone, as the control capacity is maintained.

Based on the three basic types of reducers; Spur pinions, Planetary and Worm, we can offer a wide range of combinations.

We have combinations that go from 0.5Nm to 25Nm in powers from 6W to 100W.

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 K05 / G30.1 -  Shipment in 48h

K05 / G30.1

From 47.00 EUR

K15 / G30.1

From 74.50 EUR
 K30 / G30.1 -  Shipment in 48h

K30 / G30.1

From 80.00 EUR
 K55 / G30.1 -  Shipment in 48h

K55 / G30.1

From 102.50 EUR
 K80 / CPB -  Shipment in 48h

K80 / CPB

From 108.00 EUR

K50 / G30.1

From 121.00 EUR
 K200 / CPB -  Shipment in 48h

K200 / CPB

From 135.00 EUR
 KT50 / CPB -  Shipment in 48h

KT50 / CPB

From 137.00 EUR
 KT80 / CPB -  Shipment in 48h

KT80 / CPB

From 156.00 EUR
59 products found