Brushless gear motors

Gearbox reducers allow for speed reduction and to increase the torque output proportionally to its reduction ratio and in line with the mechanical efficiency. The combination of a motor with a gearbox reducer allows you to select a combination to work with at the suitable work point. Also, it does not lose any of the functionalities offered by a motor alone, as the control capacity is maintained. Based on the three basic types of reducers; Spur pinions, Planetary and Worm, we can offer a wide range of combinations.

We have brushless gearbox reducers between 3Nm and 25Nm, with Hall sensor versions for control with external electronics or with integrated electronics for speed and position control.

The range is ideal for logistics systems like automated warehouses and AGV’s, production lines to control positioning and automated tasks, the medical sector and many others.

K200 / BG62Sx30

From 265.50 EUR

K80 / BG44x50 SI

From 325.00 EUR