Gear motors with spur gearbox reducer

Gearbox reducers allow for speed reduction and to increase the torque output proportionally to its reduction ratio and in line with the mechanical efficiency. The combination of a motor with a gearbox reducer allows you to select a combination to work with at the suitable work point. Also, it does not lose any of the functionalities offered by a motor alone, as the control capacity is maintained.

Based on the three basic types of reducers; Spur pinions, Planetary and Worm, we can offer a wide range of combinations.

Our range has combinations with reducers from 0,5Nm to 25Nm, which allows us to apply them to a wide range of applications within automation, robotics, industrial machinery and equipment for textiles or cutting, safety and control systems, inspection devices, access control, …

 K05 / G30.1 -  Shipment in 48h

K05 / G30.1

From 47.00 EUR

K15 / G.416

From 54.00 EUR

K15 /

From 79.50 EUR
 K50 / G.630 -  Shipment in 48h

K50 / G.630

From 81.00 EUR

K15 /

From 81.88 EUR

K80 / BG42x30

From 211.50 EUR