Movericare gives you maximum flexibility during the 6 months following your purchase.

  • Free technical support from our experts.
    • You have questions, troubles, inquiries: our experts will assist you on every request, in order to help you benefiting for the maximum capacity of your product.
  • Free replacement or refund:
    • You want to replace your product, it’s easy, just ask! We will pick-it up at your premises, and replace it free of charge as soon as possible. You may ask for a refund instead of a replacement, then you will obtain 100% reimbursement the first 2 months and 75% the last 4 months.

We'll send you a confirmation email. You can also see the details of your orders in your account

You can find out the status of your order via your account. Below is a list of the different stages of an order.

  • Pending: means that we are awaiting payment (e.g. bank transfer) or that your payment has been confirmed, but the order must be validated by our company. This is a security measure to prevent fraudulent payments and orders.
  • Confirmed: all payment details have been validated and the process of shipping your order is under way.
  • Shipped: At least one package of your order has been sent from our premises.
    Cancelled: your order has been cancelled.

If, 24 hours after having made your order you are still awaiting confirmation, please contact our customer services.

Delivery and billing addresses appear on your receipt. If, for example, you want to place an order for someone or need a receipt for your accounts, you must enter the different billing and delivery addresses. 


To realise your first order it’s easy, once you arrive on the page of the product you just need to:

  • Click “Add to cart” and choose the option “Pay
  • If you don’t have an account yet, choose the option “Create an account”. Then fill all the fields, accept the terms and conditions and click on “Ok
  • In the following step you will need to fill your personal and billing information and click “Save
  • Review your details, accept the terms and conditions and choose the payment method
  • For payments by PayPal or credit cards you will receive a confirmation email. For payment by transfer you will receive and email with the payment instructions.

 If you want to change the delivery address prior to shipping the order, please contact our customer services immediately. If the order has been sent before the change of address, the change must be made by directly contacting the carrier.

When you place an order, it is no longer possible to: 

  • Change the order (add, remove or change products);
  • Change the method of payment
  • Change the delivery mode (change carrier).

If you want to make any of these changes, cancel your order and place a new one.


If you have forgotten your password, click on “Identify yourself”. Click on the link “Have you forgotten your password?”  and enter your e-mail address

You cannot place an order without having previously set up an account.


An article may appear on the site even if it is out-of-stock. In that case, our customer services may provide a preliminary date when the item will be available again. Please note that dates are tentative and are not guaranteed.

Product availability is subject to several factors. We aim, first and foremost, to offer the best deals to our customers. If we are not in a position to offer one article in particular, do not hesitate to contact us to find an alternative.

If you require further technical details concerning the model/type of product, contact us by chat, e-mail, or telephone.

If you receive a product you did not order, please contact our customer services immediately providing a product description


  • Spanish company: VAT (21%) Does not concern Canarias, Andorra, Ceuta and Melilla: VAT (0%)
  • European company:

If registered as operator intra community: VAT (0%)
If not registered as operator intra community: VAT (21%)

  • Company outside of Europe: VAT (0%)
  • Individuals or particualrs : VAT (21%)


There are several reasons why your payment may be declined:

  • There is not enough money in your account.
  • You are placing an order from a country in which we do not deliver.
  • Your IP address could be suspicious
  • Your credit card is not configured for online purchases.

Please contact your bank for further information. 

For more information on declined payments, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services.


If, once you have accepted delivery, you find that the package is damaged, please contact our customer services immediately and e-mail the following images:

  • A photo of the product (full view)
  • A photo of the damaged product (close-up)
  • A photo of the package (full view)

A second shipment or a refund will be made.

Once your order has been dispached, you will receive a tracking number. This number is also available from your personal account.

Our EXPRESS range is processed and prepared for shipment within 48 h.

The rest of the range available on our website is shipped within 6 weeks

Delivery time depends on the chosen shipment mode.  If you live in a remote area, the lead time may be slightly longer.

Shipping costs are calculated depending on the delivery address

Yes, when you place an order, you can choose a delivery address and a billing address.

All products are shipped from our factory in Madrid - Spain.

Kelvin delivers worldwide

No, unfortunately you cannot change the address once the order has been placed. If the package has been shipped to a wrong address, please contact our customer services.


You will receive an e-mail at the time that your order leaves the Kelvin premises.

You will receive an automatically generated e-mail on the day your order leaves our premises. This e-mail contains the list of shipped items and a link for tracking the package. This number is also available in your personal acconut.

If you have any questions about the shipment and delivery of a package, please contact the carrier and give him the tracking number.

If you think that your order has been lost or is excessively delayed, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services. We will investigate the carrier to locate your package. Bear in mind that packages are sent from Spain.

When you order multiple items, they may be issued in several different packages for logistical reasons.


- In case you are covered by Movericare please contact us via our contact form to arrange the return at your convenience.
- If you did not choose Movericare, please login to your your order listing in your account, click the return button and follow the steps.

The return costs are payable by the customer. The items must be returned to our head office in Spain.
However, if it is a defective item or if you are covered by Movericare, we will take care of the costs.

You can report a non-compliant or defective article during the 14 days following the date of delivery or up to 6 months if you have chosen Movericare.

If you receive a defective item or one that does not meet the specifications, you can organize its return. Do not hesitate to contact our customer services for further information.

- If you are covered by Movericare we will replace or refund your product for free up to 6 months after its purchase. To do so please contact us via our contact form to arrange the replacement at your convenience.
- If you are not covered by Movericare, we will refund you up to 14 days after the date of delivery, but we will not change the article. You can use the refund to place a new order. To do so, please login to your your order listing in your account, click the return button and follow the steps.


If you find a mistake on the site, please contact our customer services using the contact form.

Do not hesitate to contact our team via chat, by e-mail or by phone.