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  • Capacitor 4uF
  • Capacitor 4uF
  • Capacitor 4uF
  • Capacitor 4uF
  • Capacitor 4uF
  • Capacitor 4uF

Capacitor 4uF



4u capacitor ideal for use with AC motors from the same manufacturer Dunkermotoren
Dunkermotoren is a German manufacturer and European leader in drive technology. Its production lines and quality control systems guarantee consistent levels of high quality. It offers a wide range of motors in DC, BLDC and AC (from 2,5W to 1.100W) with diameters ranging from 22mm to 95mm. Dunkermtoren also offers planetary gearboxes and worm gearboxes. Finally the range also offers electronics, encoders and brakes.

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